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About – bistrovielha
RESERVATION: (+34) 628 803 747




we are the best quality and traditional restaurant

Since November 2015, we came up with the idea of opening a unique and different Gastronomic Space, which has known how to win the affection of those who visit us, and at the same time, it has given us a better perspective of the objective we pursued, which is to give happiness to our customers / friends.
With a gastronomic idea totally different from what we can find in the Valley, we believe we have been able to fill a gap that was needed, seeing the affection that you profess us every day, with your smile, your thanks and fidelity, which makes every day we grow that enthusiasm and desire to share with you, a gastronomic, social, family, etc.
We have prepared a New Charter for this New Winter Season 2018/19, which we believe will make us take a leap of evident quality in our daily evolution, especially to pay tribute to our spectacular clientele, which surely, because they visit us, They will have time to get bored, since our Gastronomic proposal changes from summer to winter and from winter to summer.
Our Bistronomic Menu, with 2 Tasting Appetizers, 1 Starter, 1 Main Dish and 1 Dessert, in which we bet firmly for the highest quality in the product, play the contrasts of sweet and salty, seas and mountains, and above all do a tribute to the flavors of always, and that for years that have passed always we have saved.
Since this past summer, we have been certified as the only restaurant in the Province of Lleida with the Gamba Palamós Guarantee Brand Certificate, a Spectacular Product appreciated for its enormous quality in all corners of the country. We are immensely grateful to the Fishermen's Association of Palamós, as well as to its City Council, for having granted us this honor. To Celebrate it with our Clientele, we have created a Palamos Menu Pambaós, where you can taste this precious product.
The Costa Brava Experience Menu, is created to take a stroll through our Gastronomic Offer with more than interesting and complete tastings, including the best products of our Costa Brava, and you can delve into our Gastronomic philosophy.
And finally, we have today the only Caviar tasting menu in the world, where you can taste 11 acts with very high quality products, all of them paired with the excellent Petrossian Caviar, an emblematic house where there are, in a historic agreement and for us as for them, to be part of the first Restaurant with a Complete Menu in Caviar, where we can finish with a spectacular dessert where we will also find Gold besides Caviar.
With what I encourage you to continue enjoying your Gastronomic Space and those who do not know us and want to feel wonderful sensations, unique, where they combine some exclusive products, with the enormous illusion of who we form this magnificent family, just tell you ... Welcome to Eth Bistro !!!

Albert Jubany Vera

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