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Our Bistronomic Menu 42,00€

Our Bistronomic Menu 42,00€

(Menu consisting of a starter, a main course and a dessert. Drinks not included, VAT included)


Famous Palamós prawn croquettes, romesco, saffron and black garlic

Tomato tartare «Eth Bistró» with its caviar, gelée, ice cream and crunchy

Puglia’s burratina salad, mango, strawberry and black olive earth with basilic oil

Red tuna tartare, coconut white garlic ajo blanco, grapes and granny apple

Peasant chicken cannelloni, truffle, morel sauce and its demiglace

Mini cuttlefish “a la brutesca”, violet potato parmentier and salicornia

Wonton crab ravioli Donostiarra style in velouté de nécora

Egg at 65ºC, parmentier truffled,  dewlap pork and melanosporum truffle     (Extra price 7 €)

Palamós prawn carpaccio, caramelized onion and oil from their heads

                                      MAIN COURSES

Baked fish (Turbó or sea bass) with potatoes, tomato, onion and black olives

Premium cod, creamy cauliflower, 63ºC egg and truffle

Suckling lamb at 72ºC, with thyme, rosemary and honey, with brava potato miljhojas

XL scallops, Iberian dewlap, parsnip cream and teriyaki sauce

Valley beef steak tartare and straw potatoes

Matured beef tataki, Café de Paris butter and fried potato in olive oil

Dry rice “a la Llauna” with prawns from Palamós or sea cucumber (min 2 pers / price € 9 pers)


Our caramelized french toast, coffee cream and dulce de leche ice cream

Apple tarte tatin, its cream and vanilla and apple ice cream

Catalan cream foam, violet ice cream and strawberries

Our creamy cheesecake with red berries

                         Drinks not included, bread and previous snacks € 3, (let the waiter know if you do not want it to be served)

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